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Claims Process

Blacks Solicitors are often asked how long a personal injury or medical negligence claim will take to settle. By and large, this depends on the type of claim and how serious the injuries are.

Whiplash or Soft Tissue Injuries

If a client has whiplash or soft tissue injuries, or those which should recover within a couple of weeks or months, we are often able to settle these in a few months if the claims process runs smoothly.


For accident cases (on the road, at work, in public) with a value under £25,000, these are inputted onto the Claims Portal, which gives direct contact between insurers and solicitors.

After we have received your signed documents, we outline the case (including the circumstances, injuries etc. and any rehabilitation requirements) to the other side via the Claims Portal. They then have a few weeks to respond formally, either admitting or denying liability.

If they admit liability, the claims process is quicker and we are then able to arrange medical reports and seek to get your losses back.

Serious Injuries

For more serious injuries, the process depends on how quickly you recover and whilst we will look to arrange rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible to help your symptoms improve, it may be a number of weeks or months until we can arrange a medical examination for your case; as you will still be obtaining treatment and assessments from your own hospital and doctor.

If private treatment is required, we will seek the cost of this from the other side.

Once medical evidence is obtained, we are usually able to value your case and discuss settlement with the other side.

Medical Negligence

For medical negligence cases, we often need to review your medical records before being able to advise on the prospect of a successful claim. As with other claims, the process is then usually quicker if the other side (in these matters, insurers acting for the medical professional) admit responsibility at an early stage.

Our expert team will ensure that you recover all of your losses (loss of earnings, items bought, travel expenses, medication, etc.) and receive the maximum amount you are due for your case.


If you think you may have a claim, or for a free no obligation discussion, please contact Blacks Solicitors today via email or call on 0113 227 9399.

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