Unmarried Couples

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Do you want to know what financial claims or obligations you may have on separation from your partner?

The law relating to former cohabitees is very different from the law relating to spouses, although many people remain unaware of this or confused about where they actually stand.

Financial or Property Disputes

If you have separated from your partner and can’t agree how to divide up your assets or who owns the house, Blacks’ Family Law team can help.

We can provide you with expert advice at an early stage to enable you to make the right decisions about financial and property matters following the end of your relationship in order to safeguard and maximise your position, and help you resolve issues (whether by negotiation or through Court proceedings).

Schedule 1 Children Act 1989 Applications

Unfortunately when unmarried parents separate the financial provision which is made for any children of that relationship via the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) is sometimes not enough.

In certain circumstances an Application can be made to the Court for additional financial provision to be paid by the absent parent to the other parent, for the benefit of their children.

These Applications are not limited to claims for additional maintenance and can also cover claims for lump sums, school fees, and housing.

Our experienced team can advise and assist you with these Applications, whether you are the one making the Application or the one responding to it, to make sure that a fair and sensible outcome is achieved.


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