Collaborative Law

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If you are divorcing or separating, and are keen to avoid going to Court but would like the support and advice of your own solicitor to help you reach a solution, Blacks Solicitors’ expert Family Law team can help.

We understand that divorce/separation is hard enough, without the uncertainty and stress of the Family Court.

Collaborative family law is a way of trying to resolve family disputes without the need to go to Court.

How it works

You and your partner each have a solicitor who has undertaken specialist training and, instead of having solicitors negotiating everything by letter or phone, all four of you meet around a table together to sort things out.

The emphasis of collaborative family law is more about trying to find a solution that works for the family as a whole and, most importantly, any children involved rather than fighting for every penny through the Courts. You identify the things that matter most and together with your partner and their collaborative lawyer we will endeavour to find a solution.

The main difference between the collaborative approach and mediation is that the collaborative lawyer can provide legal advice to you throughout and is there for you during the entire process.


Further information can be found through the Resolution website, alternatively for more information about Blacks’ services, or for a no obligation discussion, please email or call our Family Law team today on 0113 227 9285.


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