Breach of Contract

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If you are experiencing problems with your Contract of Employment Blacks Solicitors’ expert Employment Law team can help. 

Breach of contract claims, and claims alleging unlawful deductions, can spring from many provisions of your Contract of Employment, however there are distinctions between the two types of claim:

  • A claim for unlawful deduction from wages is a statutory claim (under the Employment Rights Act 1986)
  • A claim for breach of contract is under “the common law”

If you make a breach of contract claim your employer can in some circumstances bring a counterclaim

If you make a claim for unlawful deductions from wages your employer can’t counterclaim

The most common examples of breach of contract / unlawful deduction claims are:

  • Unpaid bonuses
  • Underpayment of commission
  • Unpaid tips
  • Outstanding holiday pay
  • Late payment of salary
  • A unilateral reduction in pay

Any claim must be started within three months (less one day) beginning with the date the contractual provision was breached or the wages fell due for payment. In a claim for a series of deductions, time runs from the date of the last deduction in the series.


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