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Blacks Solicitors have one of the largest Employment Law teams in Leeds, and can advise you on all aspects of employment including Settlement/Compromise Agreements, disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination, and Employment Tribunal litigation.

We understand the impact that problems at work can have on you and appreciate the stress that can be caused by not understanding your employment rights. At Blacks, we will ensure that you know where you stand, every step of the way.

Our team can advise you on all aspects of employment law and can represent you in the Employment Tribunal in relation to a range of claims from unfair dismissal to discrimination and harassment. We are proud of our very high success rate and have achieved great results for our clients.

Some of the areas in which we can help you are listed below:

We understand that many people are put off by the cost of seeking legal advice and are always transparent about our charges at the outset of any matter. In certain circumstances we are able to offer our services on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis or via an insurance policy.

No-Win, No-Fee

Damages-Based Agreements (DBAs) are a method of funding an Employment Tribunal claim and are more commonly known as ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ Arrangements.

In essence, a DBA is an agreement for you to pay us a percentage of your compensation, or settlement monies, in place of our costs. The regulations governing such arrangements set a maximum fee of 35% (including VAT) of the amount that is recovered from your opponent.

If your claim succeeds, you will usually receive 65% of the value of your damages (minus any disbursements you incur, such as barrister fees). If your claim were to fail, you would not have to pay a fee to us.

To see if a DBA is appropriate we will carry out an initial review of your case. If we decide that it has good prospects of success and you wish to fund your claim under a DBA, we will explain exactly how it works and provide you with all of the necessary information before you go on to sign it.

Funding your claim under a DBA is a fairly straightforward process and can be used when you don’t have the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance, and are unable to fund the claim privately.


If you are interested in instructing us on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, or for a free no obligation discussion, please email or call our Employment Law team today on 0113 207 0000, or visit our FAQs section for more information.