Judicial Reviews

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Has a public body or quasi-public body made a decision that affects you? Was that decision properly considered and made?

It is a cornerstone of the English legal system that decisions made by public bodies can be challenged by those with a sufficient interest in that decision. This is done by way of an Application for Judicial Review, which requests the Court to review the lawfulness of a decision.

Blacks Solicitors’ Dispute Resolution team are specialists in the complexities of Judicial Reviews and can advise and guide you through the processes involved with making a claim.

Unlike ordinary civil claims, an Application for Judicial Review involves a preliminary ‘permission stage’ where a Judge will review the claim and decide whether or not to grant the Claimant permission to proceed. It is therefore fundamentally important that the claim is prepared by specialist advisers from the outset.

Ultimately, Judicial Review is a remedy of last resort and we recognise that at times a Court may not be the best arena in which to resolve a dispute, and as such we will advise our clients of all methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including Mediation.


Due to the strict time limits that apply with Judicial Reviews, we encourage you to seek advice as soon as possible.


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