Defamation, Privacy, Media & Reputation Management

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If you have an issue with how you have been presented in or by the media, then Blacks Solicitors can help.

Your reputation is an important asset which requires care and protection, and privacy laws exist to protect you from unwanted and unjustified attention.

Our specialist team can advise on any attacks to your reputation and, where appropriate, liaise with public relations experts to counteract any negative impact on you.

We deal with all types of issues involving defamation, cyber-squatting, privacy, malicious falsehood, and confidentiality.


Defamation arises where something is communicated either by spoken words or in writing which makes people think badly of you, causing damage to your reputation and your feelings.

In order to bring a claim for defamation, the statement published has to be factually incorrect, damaging to reputation, and causing serious harm.

A claim for libel covers ‘permanent’ publications such as written allegations in a newspaper, allegations broadcast on television or radio, or allegations posted online or on social media.

A claim for slander covers spoken words and/or gestures.

There is a strict one year time limit to bring a claim from the date of publication and therefore expert advice should be sought at once.

Our team have experience in representing the interests of individuals against national newspapers and the mainstream media, in a wide range of defamation claims. In addition to claims for damages, we can also assist in securing corrections, apologies, and undertakings not to repeat the statements.


For more information about any of the above, please email or call Blacks Solicitors’ Dispute Resolution team today on 0113 207 0000.