Contracts of Employment

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If you require assistance with your Contracts of Employment, or Section 1 Statements, then Blacks Solicitors can help.

As an employer you have a legal obligation to provide your employees with a Written Statement confirming their main Terms of Employment (often referred to as a “Section 1 Statement”). This Statement must be provided within two months after the start of employment.

A Section 1 Statement is required to contain the following minimum terms:

  • The names of the employer and employee
  • The date the employment started and the date the employee’s period of continuous employment began
  • The rate of pay (or method of calculating it) and the interval for payment
  • The hours of work
  • Holiday entitlement and holiday pay
  • The job title or a brief description of the work
  • The place of work
  • Any terms requiring work outside the UK for a period of more than one month
  • Any terms as to the length of temporary or fixed term work
  • Details of disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Details of any collective agreements directly affecting the employment
  • Terms relating to sickness absence and sick pay
  • The notice periods for termination (by either side)
  • Terms as to pensions and pension schemes

However, at Blacks we always recommend that employers go further than the basic requirement and issue formal Contracts of Employment setting out the rights and obligations of both parties.

The practical benefit of a Contract of Employment is that both you and your employee will have, from the start, a common understanding of the terms that govern your relationship. A well-drafted Contract of Employment will make clear your obligations and responsibilities as an employer and reduce the risk of misunderstanding later in the relationship.

If you fail to give your employees Contracts of Employment (or, at the very least, a Statement of the main Terms and Conditions), not only is the contractual position left unclear, you could potentially open yourself up to a claim for compensation if an employee brings a claim against you in the Employment Tribunal.


If you would like assistance with a Contract of Employment, or you are having an issue in relation to an existing contract or Section 1 Statement, please email or call Blacks’ Employment Law team today on 0113 207 0000 for a free no obligation discussion.