Blacks Protect

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Owners of businesses of every size, large or small, face complicated employment issues. With a minefield of ever-changing employment legislation, regulations and procedures, coping with employment problems can seem overwhelming.

At Blacks Solicitors, we have an affordable and practical solution to that problem through our employment protection package, Blacks Protect, which will provide you with all the up to date employment advice you will ever need (backed by an optional insurance safety net).

Blacks Protect ring-fences, via an annual contract, the cost of taking advice on contentious employment issues and, if you take the optional insurance, the cost of an adverse finding in the Employment Tribunal. This service is provided exclusively by fully-qualified solicitors who specialise in employment law.

The principal features of the scheme are:

  • An audit of existing policies, procedures and documentation together with assistance with updating
  • An on-line employment management manual (updated free-of-charge to reflect changes in legislation) covering topics ranging from advertising and recruitment through to discipline and dismissal
  • Training in the use of the on-line manual, if required
  • A 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, unlimited access telephone helpline manned only by solicitors specialising in employment law
  • Free receipt of newsflashes and bulletins regarding important employment law developments and updates
  • Invitations to Blacks’ seminars, and discounted rates for employment law training sessions
  • Optional health and safety advice and support
  • Optional insurance cover (underwritten at Lloyds) against any award in the Employment Tribunal (subject to the terms of the policy), up to a maximum of £250,000 (inclusive of costs) in respect of each and every claim

Our expert team ‘think outside the box’ and draw on their experience and training to identify facets and issues which would be invisible to an unqualified employment consultant.


To receive a quotation for the cost of providing your organisation with Blacks Protect for 12 months, or for more information, please email or call our Employment Law team today on 0113 207 0000.