Debt Recovery Law in Leeds

Debt Recovery

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If your business is carrying too much debt, or you are fed up with customers promising payment but not delivering, then Blacks Solicitors’ expert Debt Recovery team can help.

We understand the difficulties that late payments and debt can cause a business, and the importance of owners receiving proactive advice on reaching a resolution and recovering those debts as quickly as possible.

At Blacks our clients’ interests are paramount and we use our experience and skills to work with them on an agreed strategy. Our team will always avoid the need to go to Court wherever possible and have a tremendous success rate in settling matters without having to take legal action.

We achieve this by using a range of proven strategies which we tailor to our clients’ needs, and by entering into an early dialogue with debtors.

If you require assistance with recovering your debts, our expert team can manage the recovery process on your behalf and any disputes that arise. Our services include:

  • Pre-legal collections
  • Letter Before Action
  • Trace
  • Legal debt recovery
  • Dispute resolution for defended matters
  • Insolvency solutions

At Blacks’ we also believe it is vital that you have a strong relationship with your legal team. As a result we will work with you to identify your debt recovery issues and provide solutions that can be integrated into your existing business model, and will always keep you fully informed on progress.

In addition we will ensure the cost-effective recovery of your debts (large or small) by reviewing the type of debts you want us to recover, and agreeing a pricing model that suits you and your business. This might include a model where our costs are calculated as a percentage of the amount we recover.


For more information about Blacks’ services, to arrange a meeting, or for a free obligation discussion, please email or call our Debt Recovery team today on 0113 207 0000.