Investment Agreements

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Blacks Solicitors’ Corporate team has extensive experience in funding arrangements for businesses including Syndicate Arrangements and Mixed Equity and Loan Investments.

We can prepare Investment Agreements setting out the level of funding to be provided by the investor, the number and type of shares to be allotted to the investor, the method of distributing dividends, management and control of the business, and when to wind up the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am considering investing in a private company, what protections are available for me?

This will always depend on the circumstances, but possible options are:

  • Warranties from the existing owners or managers of the business
  • Making the investment part equity and part loan
  • Taking security for loans, even if that security ranks behind a primary lender such as a bank or invoice discount lender

I am part of a syndicate investing in a new venture. How do we organise our investment?

Again there are a number of possible options, but you need to consider:


If you are looking to raise investment for your business or are considering making an investment in a private company please contact Blacks’ Corporate team today via email or call 0113 207 0000.