Commercial Property Development & Construction

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Blacks Solicitors’ Property Development team specialise in providing legal advice to clients acquiring sites, and work closely with them throughout the development, construction, and disposal phases.

At Blacks, we understand the opportunity to develop commercial property is an exciting one. Development transactions often involve Conditional Contracts, the most common condition being that you are granted suitable planning permission to enable you to build on, develop, or change the use of a given property.

Alternatively you may prefer an Option Agreement, which will grant you an option to purchase a property if successful in obtaining the necessary planning permission.

Our expert Property Development team are always on hand and will work closely with you throughout your development projects, whether you are new to property development or experienced in the field.

We will add value to your projects by taking the time to fully understand your intentions and by ensuring that we draft Contracts and Option Agreements that provide flexibility throughout the build process, and certainty if any of the contractual obligations can’t be met.

In addition to contractual documentation, we can also assist in preparing the various appointments, warranties and other construction documents that support development projects, recognising the roles that the building contractor, consultants (e.g. architects and engineers), and sub-contractors play throughout the process.

We know there is no substitute for experience when it comes to negotiating property development transactions, and so we have developed a large team of experienced solicitors who will work closely with you on an agreed strategy; providing clear advice, at realistic prices.


For more information about Blacks’ services, or for a free no obligation discussion, please email or call our Property team today on 0113 207 0000.