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Staycation Trends in Great Britain

Recent years have seen an increase in domestic tourism (particularly during the summer holiday season). 2019 looks set to be another bumper year and will be a great opportunity for parks to boost their revenue streams.

However what do the facts and figures say and what do they actually mean to parks owners and operators?

Facts and figures

Earlier this year Barclays Bank published a report called “The Great British Staycation” revealing that:

  • 52% of “millennials” (being those between the age of 25–34) intended to increase the amount of time spent on UK based holidays, citing escapism and distraction as an important feature of their holiday
  • 74% of those surveyed cited a good operator website and online reviews as their primary motivator when booking, and
  • 31% of those surveyed indicated that they would be spending their UK break in the South West, with Scotland coming in second at 22% and Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales in joint third at 20%

Of the five types of holiday options presented to those taking part in the survey (ranging from a city break, a countryside break, a beach trip, visiting lakes and mountains, or visiting a caravan park) visiting a caravan park was unfortunately the least popular activity with 16% selecting this type of holiday in comparison to 39% for a city break.

There is however an increasing demand for accessible holidays, with over a quarter of those participating in the survey having a long term disability or condition that will impact upon the choices made when selecting a holiday destination.

How can these facts and figures help your park business?   

It is often difficult, especially during the busy summer season, to find time to sit down and plan your business strategy for the upcoming season and beyond. Nevertheless the above provides important food for thought.

To help, we have set out some of the key questions to ask when planning the future of your park business and considering initiatives to implement to increase and maximise your park’s revenue:

Do you know who your target market is and what to do to attract them?

For example, with the rise in millennial domestic tourism is that a target audience you intend to market to? If so how?

Do you encourage reviews?

Do you ask customers to leave a review at the end of their stay? It’s the age old; if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Is your website sufficiently detailed and engaging?

For example, do you offer a virtual tour of the holiday caravans on site or offer tourers the ability to view and select their preferred pitch?

Do you spread the word about the benefits of a holiday on your park?

The best way to increase the number of people choosing to take a holiday on a caravan park is to tell them about your park and to shout about what you can offer that is different to other providers.

Do you have an Accessibility Guide?

An Accessibility Guide details the features of your park which will be of particular relevance to those with a disability (such as the location of steps and the availability of hearing loops). For help with creating an Accessibility Guide, go to Visit England and Visit Scotland who have launched an initiative to help tourism businesses.


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